Divine Inspiration

Divine Inspiration
by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

Whose heart is fixed upon the good because

It is good shall fill his soul with good,

And he who revels in the beautiful

Because he sees in it the beautiful

Shall know the beautiful as well.

— Ernest Holmes, “The Voice Celestial”

As I sit quietly on this beautiful, sunny morning, I take a moment to pause and connect with that Divine Presence, which resides right where I am at the center and the circumference of my being.  I breathe in wholeness, joy, and peace, knowing that these divine attributes are ever available for all of us.

Even when we are faced with life’s many challenges, there is that something within which can help to guide us, for our all-knowing God, always is at hand to lead us to our answer.  And how do we access that guidance?  We turn to the Spirit, and then simply listen for the divine inspiration.  It may come in the form of our small still voice speaking clearly to us with the solution.  It may be a feeling of peace rather than confusion that allows us to see with new eyes.  But regardless of what form it takes, we can be certain if we but ask rightly, our answer will be provided.  What a joy it is to know that we are so connected to our omniscient Source that we can always rely on receiving that which we need to move forward.

And so today, as I more forward in this glorious thing called Life, my heart and soul is bursting with love, joy, and gratitude for all of the blessings of the day.  Fueled by hope and inspiration, I reach for new heights, accepting and knowing that I am indeed blessed.  And so it is.