Divine Knowing

Divine Knowing
by Rev. Tammi Lambert

There is one divine force that lives in all that exists, that is all knowing, all feeling, all love and compassion. I know that nothing can exist outside this divine love, and so we are One. This light, peace, love and truth is the ultimate design, the only truth, and I know that I am One with that divinity now.

As a child of God, I have inherited divine spirit, and I speak with the creative power of the Supreme God, connected to all. Only love, peace and compassion are present. Using this authority, I affirm and declare that I am the embodiment of compassion, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I am more than enough. I am attuned and listening to Spirit, and so I know that I know the right words to say and the right actions to take. I hear what I need to hear, I see what I need to see, I know what I need to know in order to be of service to Spirit, and to fulfill my divine purpose in perfect time.

God is moving in and through me, even now, to fulfill a blessed and miraculous purpose of divine revelation. I know that this treatment is blessed, and that it is fulfilling its holy purpose. For this I am so grateful, and I rejoice in the bliss of this gratitude. I have uttered my word into the Universal law, and it is manifesting right now.

So, releasing my word into the law, knowing it is done, in full faith I say, “And So It Is.”