Divine Wholeness

Divine Wholeness
by Chris Duvall, RScP

I connect to and invoke Divine Wholeness.  In That is All Power, Presence, and Intelligence.  In That is Substance, above, below, around, in, as through all.  It is First Cause of support, strength, health, providence, prosperity, accomplishment, peace, harmony, eternality, energy, flow, beauty, order — all unlimited goodness which can be imagined and known.  It is Truth and Light, meaningfully addressing individual and collective evolvement.  It is Relationship – vertical and horizontal – within which all connection and love can be realized, forever new and forever the same. 

I am of this Wholeness, Truth, Light.  This is my “I am that I am” – ever available, ever willing, ever responsive, ever serving my recognition and command.  As this is true for me, it is also true for every minister, practitioner, congregant at RGCSL.  I unite each vertically with Divine Source and each horizontally with one another.  In this Unity, we are a circle of Light receiving and beaming forth to and from every plane.

In this in-rush and out-pouring, I release everything not in perfect alignment with Light. Thoughts, emotions, holdings, withholdings,mistaken beliefs or anything no longer serving now let go and dissolve in shining nothingness, eternal sacred space of pure presence.

In this holy moment, I speak an aligned and unified word on behalf of Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living. I command highest and best for each of the above-referenced RGCSL participants. I command all goodness that Community affords – nourishing each cell of the collective body for ideal self-expression.  I command transparent love flowing between cells of our body – giving and receiving in proper proportion. I command right letting go and taking on. I command pure resistance-less communication between all cells, tissues, organs, informing all systems of the body.  I command each system aligns vertically and horizontally, and functions optimally. I command perfect connection between the realities of mind, body, and soul making meaning within our human contexts.  I command Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration.  I command understanding of what needs to be served at every level of consciousness that meets here.  I command Divine-Sight, -Understanding, -Willingness, -Speaking, and -Action. I command Clarity as the Temple of our Collective builds upwards from the foundation of Christ Consciousness.  Pillars of strength arise to support the ministry.  Internal work is done according to Divine Inspiration.  Loving Power, Beautiful Order, Holy Communion manifest as an expression of Divine Truth for all to see and experience. People look to this place for a Living Word – Thy Way, Truth and Life.  I command everything else which the Divine knows needs to be said and done in order that Life evolve with Its Sacred Purpose here and now.  I command all to be accomplished in perfect alignment with Sacred Purpose.

Given that Divine Servitor does all work in alignment with its Purpose, I now release in faith into Spiritual Law. It is done on Earth as it already is done in Heaven.  And so it is.