Emanation of Pure Spirit

Emanation of Pure Spirit
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

Prayer/thought for the day:

I know that I am perfect, whole and complete just as I am. I am an emanation of pure Spirit. I cannot be less than the perfection of that which I am made of. The only thing I ever need to be “saved” from is my own thinking. Thinking that I am not good enough, or not needed, or not able to escape my choices that have tormented me.

None of that defines me because I can only be defined by the nature of pure Spirit. I am defined by the beauty and perfection that exists at my core. The choices that seem contrary that I layered over that truth only serve to obscure it, not obliterate it.

So I walk in gratitude that I can always count on the essence of Spirit that is me. How grateful I am that I cannot hurt, harm, or destroy the me that is my essence. I can walk through the world with joy not only because I know this to be true of me, but because I can see it in you!

Let us walk in this knowing of our perfection and seeing our own and others’ value every day.

And so it is!