Embracing the Now

Embracing the Now
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

Days are getting away from us aren’t they?

I’m thinking about our theme this month of Living Everyday Wonder, and dialing it in a bit to this week’s theme of Embracing the Now. And what I know about embracing the now is that the now is here for us to appreciate and enjoy, no matter what.

And so I pray:

Knowing that there is a Power, a Force, a Spirit, a Thing that is sometimes called God, that is everywhere present. And knowing that this Presence is all good, all the time, and that because it is everywhere present, it is a part of me. Working as me, living through me. We are One.

And so I declare my word, right here and right now, for full and complete appreciation for the now. The realness of life. The awareness of life. With all of life’s ups and downs. I appreciate it all. I am grateful for it all. Because I have faith, and evidence, that everything that is happening in my life is happening for my highest good. Right here and right now. And so I embrace the now. I appreciate the temperature, the weather, all the things that are in my life, because they are here now. And in this full appreciation of life, I am experiencing gratitude, and I am experiencing the peace that comes from this gratitude. All is well.

And so I release with that gratitude, and I anchor: AND SO IT IS!