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Every Person is a Divine Expression of Unlimited Love


The Daily Meditation 10.10.2013

Every Person is a Divine Expression of Unlimited Love

Kamatara Johnson, Practitioner II Student

Kamatara Johnson

Oh Dear Loving Source, Creator-God, I recognize You-We-It-Us in this moment here and now. The Divine Essence of All that Is vibrating in concert with the universe. God is expressing in each unique creation here on earth, as each thing and being, through all the critters and people and whatnot. This energy of the Divine is going out and coming in, always evolving in the Life-as-we-know-it. And in a space of ineffable reverence, I see the unlimited Love, the unlimited Potential, and the unlimited Abundance of the Divine as supporting all of life right now.

And so I know the Truth for myself as a Divine expression of this unlimited love, potential, and abundance. I also know the Truth for each individual in our Divine family. Each one is a Divine expression of unlimited love, unlimited potential, and unlimited abundance. Spirit knows no precedent as evidenced by the unique experience of each person living as his/her path unfolds in alignment with the Loving Source.

So I honor my own confidence and courage to release all that does not serve my best and highest good. There is no reason to relive the past, to stagnate, or to repeat any thought, emotion, feeling, belief, or action that is old or ineffective. There IS reason to evolve, grow, reach, and push…to stretch into a new place, a deeper expression of the One Loving Source. I am evolving right now as I shed the unwanted and dysfunctional, which opens the space for NEW thoughts, more centered emotions, more peaceful feelings, more healthy beliefs, and more creative actions. This is the setting for clarity, abundance, and joy. Out with old, in with the new. I celebrate this cleansing, this mindful abandonment of old burdens. I celebrate the lightening and release and freedom that occurs in release. I am at the center of this exchange, with life flowing in and out, giving and receiving. The balance of the Divine surrounds and supports me in this transition to a new and better place now.

I am so grateful to behold the power and presence of the Divine expressing as me, to watch my mindful evolution unfold perfectly for me even as I experience it all. I appreciate the design of this beautiful Universe, ever expanding and growing.

I see the clarity and the release and the abundance in action right now as Principle works; the Law is set in motion and creates. The order is already filled. As this is spoken, I know it is done. And so it is.


Kamatara Johnson is a Practitioner II Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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