Expressing Wholeness

Expressing Wholeness
by Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

It’s all a part of one stupendous Whole/Whose body Nature is, with God the soul. – Alexander Pope

Right here and right now, in the midst of everything swirling around me, I recognize the Spirit within. I feel its Divine Presence, whispering to me as inspiration. I see its goodness and beauty in the newborn babe. I rejoice in the expression of nature, playing out in the birds, the forest, the ocean. What a glorious Life this is! And I recognize this Perfect Life as my body, in every cell, every organ, and each and every breath that I take. I align with my inner perfection and wholeness, and I am blessed to be in harmony with it. I know, too, that my body moves with the activity of this Divine Presence, as perfect form, limitless, fluid and vibrant. I am unified with the Divine by means that is both intuitive and filled with grace. My unity with Spirit grounds me, and allows for the possibility of spiritual healing, as I speak my word into the Law to reveal the truth of my being.

Therefore, I am wholeness personified — every cell, tissue, and organ of my body hums with the Life eternal. I accept this wholeness with great gratitude, embracing my perfection of mind, body, and spirit. I place these words into the action of the Law, knowing that they are made manifest in this now moment. With tremendous joy and thanksgiving, I declare: “And so it is”.