Filled with Confidence

Filled with Confidence
Marylyn Kirk, RScP

I know that the One Power that is Love always protects me. Spirit guides me into pathways of peace, joy, and security. I know this is true of all people and this is what exists for the entire world. I am safe in the arms of Divine Love, and I feel the embrace of Spirit softly enveloping me.

I know there is no confusion or doubt in the Mind of God, and God’s Mind is the only mind there is. This Mind is my mind now, guiding and directing everything I do and blessing every movement I make.  This is my prayer of acceptance every day.  I claim order, support, courage, and confidence.  I embrace all these God qualities, especially poise and self-confidence.   I am led by Spirit to accept right order in my life in all situations.  The past is gone, and I gladly let it go.  The present is filled with peace and joy, and the future with hope. 

Gratefully I accept Divine Love and extend love to all I meet.  I am thankful that I confidently give love, receive love, and I am love in action.

And so it is.