For Julia: In Celebration of Her Life

For Julia: In Celebration of Her Life
by Rev. Martha Quintana

There is one Life, one; not in the sense of numbers but in the sense of wholeness. One Life, One Good, One Creator and the entire whole of civilization knows it by so many names: Father, Mother, God, Creator, Jesus, Buddha, Peace, Love, and so much more. This One Life contains everyone and everything as far as the eye can see and beyond. It is known in the heart and known in the galaxy; the movement of the stars plays its music. Dimensions of space collapse in harmony so that everything can be known in this moment. Life is.

Because life is, I am. I am the movement of the stars collapsing and being born in harmony. I am the cry of the newborn baby and that last breath of the person leaving their physical form. I am what Life is – peace, love, goodness, joy, harmony, happiness. I know life because I know me.

As I know this for me, I know this for Julia Washington. She is the new and the last breath of each person, the harmony of the stars, the light of the sun streaming into the world. She is free now to be wholly and completely one with all that came before her and all that is yet to come. She is the absolute desire of God now returned to her Father. She took that breath and leaped into the void with the joy of a child. Julia knows herself with an unsurpassed truth.

I affirm and declare for Julia her own desire. She is met at the door of her next life by all the family and friends that went before her. She is joyfully reunited with the loves of her life and she is the bridge that connects her ancestors to her children. She is complete now and her work is done.

I affirm and declare for Julia’s sister, her children, their children, and their children’s children hearts filled with peace. She lives on in each of them and this knowing carries them through the rest of their days. They each know “what Ma would say” when there is any doubt and she sits with them when they are troubled.

I affirm that Julia celebrates with Marea as she marries. She is there. When any of her children celebrate, she is there. She is the beautiful red of the sunrise and sunset and, each time her children see it, they know she is there. Love is all there is and Julia is in the midst.

I’m grateful for Julia – her life and her friendship. I’m grateful for the talks we had and continue to have in my soul. I’m grateful to be numbered among her friends. I am thankful that she touched so many lives and that so many people call her friend. For us friends she is the daylight that arrives to brighten our hearts and to know that we know. Faith is what she lived and faith is what she leaves. Thank you, Father.

Knowing that Julia’s life is honored and celebrated, and that she leaves her wisdom with more people than we know or can count, I release my word knowing it cannot come back to me void. All is well, all is done, and all is yet to come. Ashé, Amen, and So It Is.