For Peace and Love

For Peace and Love
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

I begin with what I know: God is all there is. That means that the Universal Spirit of which we are a part is everywhere, all-powerful in the co-creation of possibility, benign in that it is not an evil force but a good and loving one. That Divine Presence is everywhere, in every situation. There is no place where Spirit is not present.

This means that when I look around at the world, I can decide to see only where God is. This does not mean that I ignore the appearance of problems and great difficulties. But it does mean that there is always good, people acting with good motives, kindness, caring. I affirm that is what I look for and that is what I choose to see and to bring into my consciousness. That Spirit of Goodness acts in me, through me, and as me.

Because that is true, I can affirm that I am surrounded by goodness in the form of beauty, kind acts, creativity, music, song, light and blessings. I begin by being grateful for all that I have, everything in my life that I often take for granted, water to drink and to shower in, plenty of food, clothing, shelter. A comfortable bed. Friends. Books. Learning, and places like RGCSL where I can gather with others who remind me all is well, and who remind me who I am, a child with God in whom God expresses. I see political activity as a way for people to express their choices for democracy and good governance. I see people and countries working to deal with global warming, adapting to it, making good choices. I see and affirm safety for myself, my family, my country. I look for opportunities to use my talents and to give them and my unique life to the world for its benefit.

I give thanks for my ability to see the good, for this teaching and synthesis of learning to show me how to live joyfully, for my friends who are with me on this journey.

I release this prayer to the Universe knowing that it is promised that it comes back to me fulfilled, because I believe it is so.

And so it is. Amen.