Giving Thanks for the Rio Grande Center

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Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living

This Sunday, September 8th, 2013

10 AM

Greg Tamblyn, NCW (No Credentials Whatsoever)

Greg Tamblyn

“The Sacred and The Silly”

Mystics, prophets, saints and psychologists have all told us that happiness lies in the Now. Many of us in the West have forgotten where that is. Silliness is a profound way to get there.

6:00 P.M. Comedy Concert at the Event Center


Comedy Concert –  Tickets on Sale Day of Concert

$12 person, or $20 for you and a friend 

More information on this page: Greg Tamblyn Event


Music by Susan Clark

Music Director Susan Clark is joined by

Lewis Winn on guitar/bass guitar and Jay Blea on drums/percussion


The Daily Meditation 09.01.2013 

Giving Thanks for the Rio Grande Center

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior MinisterTruth, Beauty, Peace, Health, Abundance, Divine Unfolding, Divine Harmony; the Universe is always conspiring for the Highest Good, and in this moment, I know the Universe is conspiring for my highest good.  As the Almighty stands with me, as the Almighty loves me, nothing and no one can stand against me.  I am divinely loved and divinely protected.  The grace I seek is already mine and always has been.[break][break]Knowing that God is all there is, All There Is, I give thanks for the Rio Grande Center’s new sanctuary.  I give thanks for the beautiful light that streams through it, for the beauty that naturally imbues it, and for the healing space and community it allows.  I affirm and declare that it serves our community magnificently – allowing all of us to bond and grow with unfettered, beautiful abundance. The Rio Grande Center, through all of its people, accomplishes the vision of connection everywhere and the mission of all people who attend to become the people they intend to be and have the life they have come here to have.  I am grateful for the profound indwelling spirit that pervades every activity, every group, and every class.  I am grateful for the continued learning that all of us have and for the magnificent youth program that has already arrived.  [break][break]Most of all, I am grateful for the community that comes together and declares a world that works for everyone; a world in which love leads the way and the rest of us follow because love is what we’re made of.  I am so happy that we have found each other and that we live together in peace, love, and faith.  It’s all good. It’s done. And So It Is. 


Rev Martha Quintana is Senior Minister at the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living located in Albuquerque, NM.

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We teach the Science of Mind, which is the study of Life and the nature of the laws of thought; the idea that we live in a Spiritual Universe; that God or Spirit is in, through, around us; and that this Presence is a loving source of all Good.

Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living

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We recognize that an inherent desire in every individual is to realize the person God intended us to be. As we realize our true God selves, the greatest gift we can give another is to support him or her in becoming that God person too.

Most important, every man, woman and child who lives in the Universe is significant to the Creator. Our doors will forever be open to all…