God Has This!

God Has This!
by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

God is the power and the presence infused in the peace of this quiet morning. It is the very air I breathe. As I sit here and center myself in the consciousness of Spirit, I contemplate the wonder of God as it shows up in nature; The beautiful undulations of Starlings flying at sunset and huge schools of fish twisting and turning as if one body, in perfect order, invisibly connected. I allow my mind to sit with this connectedness and realize that the same order, guidance and direction that exists with these wonderous displays is the very thing that is always guiding me. I move in concert with all of nature despite any illusion I may have that I am alone.

Knowing this order and connection exists in my life, I trust that this day unfolds with absolute perfection. There is a flow to all aspects of my day and I am aware of it and I marvel at the guidance I receive. I can lean into the genius of God leading me and surrender my white knuckled grip on how I think it should go. This day I allow the beauty of God’s idea of my life to show itself and I trust that my life expressing as God is Good.

As I know this to be the truth of my experience today, I know this for all those reading these words. God has this! We are all lovingly supported by the divine order of the Universe and we can relax a bit into that wisdom that is always present and allow it to create a masterpiece!

I am so grateful to know that God is all there is. I am so thankful to remember this morning the power of my word surrendered into the Law manifests into form and so I release my word knowing that it is done.

And so it is.