God Is

God Is
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

God is. It simply is. And I find great comfort in that fact. I also know that God not on is but It is everywhere present in and as all things. And I know that all things are here as creations of god and for god and as god.

And so I know too that I am a creation of god and for god and as god. God and I, we are one. My relationship with god gives me power and peace. It gives me sustenance and clarity. It provides me my life, my reasons for living fully and successfully. I love my relationship with god. And I know that my relationship with god stems from my relationship with myself, myself and god each interdependent upon the other, each coexisting together in a wonderful dance of cooperation. And as I know my relationship with myself is successful, and my relationship with god is successful, all my relationships with others are also successful, because I go back to that one truth: god is. And that other truth that there is this law of attraction in play that works so wonderfully in my life. I have successful relationships with others because I have a successful relationship with god and with myself. I affirm this to be true for myself and for anyone reading this treatment.

And I release my words into that law, knowing that the law has already taken them and acted affirmatively on them, and for that I have great gratitude.

And so it is!