God is All, All is God

God is All, All is God
Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

God is the “Stuff” of which the Universe is made. God is All. God is all powerful, all-present, all-understanding, and all knowing. God is all-benevolent. God is Love, Abundance, Health and Well-being, Peace, and Comfort.

We live in a benign Universe in which all of the attributes of God are available to us if we wish, affirm, and believe it. God expresses in me, through me, and as me. Because this is true, I know that God can take away all pain, all infirmity, all discomfort, all dis-ease. I affirm that I am capable of radiant well-being now. There is no pain, no infirmity, and no discomfort in me. I experience perfect inspiration, assimilation, and elimination. All that is not perfection leaves my body now. Any old patterns that could bring pain and illness are dissolved now, never to return. I know this is true for all who read these words and believe them.

I am willing to release anything in my body that no longer serves me. I appreciate the ability of my body to heal itself. I accept healing in the form of peace, comfort, and well-being. I release all pain, knowing that it does not serve me, that I do not deserve it, that it leaves me now.

I am grateful for the power of affirmative prayer to heal, for the teaching of the power of affirmation and belief, and for all people who read these words, knowing they are blessed. I release this prayer to the power of the law of belief. Amen