God is Divine Love

God is Divine Love
by Rev. Tammi Lambert

The Supreme God is Divine Love, the energy and living force behind all that exists, and this Love manifests as Compassion, Oneness, Peace, Joy and Generosity. There is no other truth other than the power of Divine Love, which is the Cause behind all that is.

I am created in the image of the Creator, and as a child of the Divine, I create with that Divine Energy that flows in, through, and as me right now. I am the embodiment of Love Divine, Love Beauty, and Joy. I am One with God; I am One with All.

As I know this for myself, with deep faith, I know this for every person. I know that the earth is blessed and infused with sublime Beauty, Harmony, and Peace. There is no person that is separated from Love, no person that is alone, no person who is undeserving of unconditional love, because every living thing is a divine expression of Love, all One, and inseparable. The doors to my heart are flung open, and without exception, I accept and love each and every person I encounter. In my presence, others will experience love emanating from my being. True joy, Compassion, Generosity, and Beauty sing through me, and as me, and I experience deep peace, so deep it passes understanding and defies explanation. I hold this inside me, and know this for myself, and I know this for the world. I say, β€œLet there be peace on earth,” and know in the deepest part of me that it does indeed begin with me right here, right now, and that there is no other Truth other than this miracle. These words are sacred, and holy Truth.

I am thankful for this Truth, and I am filled with a spirit of gratitude, knowing with deep faith, that what I have affirmed is so.

I release my word in the Divine Law, knowing that my Word is One with the Word of God, and knowing there is nothing, real or imagined, that can nullify this Supreme Divine Force. In full faith, having released my word, I affirm that it is so.

And so, it is.