Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

God is Goodness

God is Goodness
by Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

“The Light of God Surrounds Me, the Love of God Enfolds Me, the Power of God Protects Me, The Presence of God watches over me; Wherever I am, God is!”

I know that God is Goodness, and God is that Consciousness of Love and Harmony. I know this for myself and for everyone. I embrace God Goodness as I rest in complete Harmony with the magnificence of the Infinite. In this moment, I recognize that God is ever present, ever loving and everlasting. 

Begin to recognize Healing Light Presence.  It is a gift from Spirit. How good it is to know that you can call on this Presence in any given moment to bring healing to your state of being.  It is yours and mine for the asking. As I take this moment to call upon the experience of healing action, I affirm my knowing that it cannot be any other way. It waits to be called. 

And so it is with loving acceptance of my own power within to create my wellness of body, more perfect with recognition and appreciation, I invite you to do the same. I affirm, with a conviction of my faith, that I choose God’s perfect divine order right here, right now!  I choose to release and let go.  As I release any and all unwanted feelings, the light releases anything that would even appear to limit God’s desires for me, for God’s desires for me, are the same as my desires.

I give thanks for this healing, for this divine order, for this God Desire for me.  I am grateful for this peace within my heart.  I call myself blessed with so much to be grateful for, particularly for the embracing of my acceptance of Peace of Mind, and Calmness in my Heart. 

I release this prayer into the action of the law, knowing that it is done.  I let it all be, and let it be so. It is Divine!

And so it is!