Nancy Bowers RScP

God is Never Disappointed

God is Never Disappointed
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP

In this One Life I refer to as God, Perfection is. Whatever is happening is in the service of God, because God is Ubiquitous: It is in everything, through everything, around everything. It is all God, so it could never be otherwise.

And recognizing this, I recognize that since I am always surrounded by God, with the Universal Life Force that is actively working for Good, actively infecting the All with Deliciousness, I am therefore supported. I am as God is. I am surrounding by circumstances and events that are in service to God. I am living in Perfection. And just I know this is my truth, I know it is also always yours. You, too, are constantly supported, living amid the Perfection of God, the place where contrary to appearance, Goodness is happening. Contrary to our human judgment, Love is there birthing more love if we will just open our eyes to its presence.

So in this moment, what I know for myself is that God is never disappointed. How could disappointment live in what is always opening to more Love? So in this moment, I affirm for you the ability to let go of expectations that things should somehow be different. I claim for you the ability to release any judgment that exists around your own choices in life. I invite you to allow forgiveness to marinate your heart as you release silly ideas of disappointment. God is never disappointed. Disappointment is a human idea that infers things should have been different. What is always in service to God need not be different. Love is always there. Choose it.

I claim for you the ability to open your eyes to the presence of Love, and to recognize that what is not Love, is a call for it.

In this moment, right here, right now, I give thanks that this is so. I give thanks for the awareness of God’s Perfection, for knowing that while I may disappoint myself, I cannot disappoint God, for He knows that all is in the service of Love. That Life is in the service of growth. That living in Perfection cannot harvest disappointment, it can only harvest opportunities to learn, to become more of who we were meant to be. So I give thanks for that, knowing I never need to beat myself up for my missteps, for God is always there: loving me, supporting me, bringing me home to goodness – bringing me back to Love. And this is true of you, too, my friend. It is true of all of God’s children.

So I release ideas that anything needs to be different. I let go of thinking I could be a disappointment. I allow the awareness that in His Wisdom, He transforms all moments of seeming disappointment into learning opportunities, and so judgment about them is unnecessary. God is Good, All the time, and because of this, I can and do let go of my silly ideas that anything needed to be different. I let myself off the hook, as God did from the beginning. You are off the hook, too. God’s got it covered, and so we can let it go. And so we do, and So It Is: a Lovefest. Amen.