Lovater H. Jones,RScP

God, The Highest Wisdom of All LIfe

The Daily Meditation 2.11.2014

God, The Highest Wisdom of All LIfe

Lovater H. Jones, MSW, RScP

Lovater H. Jones,RScP

“God is the highest wisdom that belongs to man [sic]; and just as man knows himself, he knows God; and man knows no God except that Wisdom that governs and directs his acts. We have been taught to believe that God is a being independent of man……”
The Complete Collected Works
Dr.Phineas P. Quimby
“Fragments,” 1864

“There is such thing as your mind, my mind and God’s Mind. There is only Mind.”
Dr. Ernest S. Holmes
The Science of Mind

These two quotes make it crystal clear that all life is One with the Creator. Each, individualized, but One nonetheless! We may look different, be shaped differently, speak different languages, observe different customs, we may have different beliefs, however the Truth is, we share the same Highest form of Wisdom. We might even call this Wisdom by different names; it matters not, as there is Only One! The names we use for this Highest form of Widsom is insignificant. This “nameless” Essence is, in fact, Divine Intelligence, the Substance of all Supply, the Source of All Knowledge, Wholeness, Unconditional Love, Perfection, Beauty, Peace, Harmony, is Everywhere Present, All Power and in microcosm lives, moves and has Its being in each one of us! It is available at all times, and simply awaiting our recognition! I believe that this is the lesson of the ages! All we need to do is go within, in consciousness, and acknowledge that the same Power that created the Cosmos, lives within each of us. Therefore, as we “seek” the Kingdom of God, which is within, we are to rest in quite assurance and calm expectancy and know that “all else shall be added unto you.” And so it is 

Lovater H. Jones, MSW, RScP

Lovater H. Jones is a Practioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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