Carmella Herrera, RScP

Grace is in the “Givingness” of Spirit

Grace is in the “Givingness” of Spirit
by Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

Carmella Herrera, RScP

Grace is ours to be truly felt in all we receive from the “Givingness” of Spirit.  We need not pray for God’s Graces as they are Gifts from Spirit.  Also, we can know that we receive much peace of mind and peace in our hearts when we take those receiving moments and simply embrace Spirit’s Givingness, with a knowing that all comes through us and for us, from God’s divine order.

G – Glorify being in a state of Grace from Spirit, through your recognition that God is the Source.

R – Relish the undeniable feelings of Spirit’s Graciousness through your Oneness with God.

– Affirm that these gifts are the path for you, to peace and tranquility.

– Celebrate and give thanks for the perfection of acceptance and gratefulness for all that is received.

– Elevate all to the action of the law – release – let go then – Enjoy!

I hereby declare and acknowledge that I am thankful for the gift of my own ability to bring forth and experience peace as I open myself up to receive.  I also declare and affirm that God is Clarity and that God is Perfection.  I know this for you, as well.

I am blessed.  My life is lived with gratitude.  As I pay heed and acknowledge all my blessings, I place them into a prayer of thanksgiving with a knowing that God provides exactly what I need, when I need it.  With a full conviction of my faith, I know that all is well in my life, and it is done, as I believe.  This is my wish for you. 

And so it is.