I Affirm, Declare, Allow and Accept Miracles…

The Daily Meditation – 09.19.2012

I Affirm, Declare, Allow and Accept Miracles

By Linda Martin, RScP

Linda Martin, RScP

I recognize there is One Power, One Source, One Divine Intelligence in the Universe, always was and always will be. Everything animates from this place of Perfection…beauty, truth, love, excellent radiant health, abundance and prosperity, success…all good. Everything seen and unseen, known and unknown come from his place of unlimited possibilities.  This miraculous outpouring of endless good called Life, this mystery, flows in all, though all, beside all, is all. It is in every blade of grass, every snowflake, even puppy breath!

I unify myself with this magnificence for I’ve come from this place of perfection, knowing I am a powerhouse of good, of excellence, purity and holiness. My loving nature is to create and live a life of beauty, to be of service through soulful acts of kindness.

From this moment on, I affirm, declare, allow and accept miracles to flow into all of my life’s experiences. It is my birthright to have good, be good and I accept good from people, places and things. My days are full of unexpected heart warming surprises. My heart sings with joy and praise as I am now free from all past negative beliefs, patterns, judgements about myself, life and others that once shed darkness on my days. I experience excellent radiant health in mind, body and spirit.  All systems work perfectly well with all the other systems in my body.  My eyesight is perfect as I see with Spirit’s eyes. My hearing is perfect as I hear with Spirit’s ears. I’m energized in all that I do.   Creative ideas flow into all my creative projects as my work gives me deep soul satisfaction. My relationships are loving, healthy, positive and uplifting. I reach out to others in kindness, compassion and love for that is my nature. My connection to Source is remembered throughout the day filling me up with a knowing that soothes my soul, filling me with love pushing me forward to be a kind soul to all living things. I experience abundance and prosperity in every area of my. I am financially free, giving and sharing my wealth in countless ways. I swim in a sea of goodness and experience my greatness, moment by moment.

I am deeply and profoundly grateful for knowing the truth of my being. I live in gratitude and give thanks for my magnificent life that is constantly unfolding becoming more and more meaningful everyday.

I release my word, the word of Spirit into the Law, knowing it comes back to me better that I could have ever imagined.  And so it is!

Linda Martin is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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