I Affirm the Love of God

I Affirm the Love of God
Alicia Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group – RGCSL

When we say, “I Am,” we are calling on the Power that sustains life, of the Intelligence
that directs it, and the Wisdom that governs it. We are speaking of that Love, warmth
and color which awakens the truth of our being.
– Dr. Ernest Holmes

I stand grounded in the truth of who I am – God’s precious creation. I embrace
the power, intelligence and wisdom which flows through my being, simply
awaiting my acceptance. And I affirm that the greatest gift of all is the energy of
Love, which pulsates and radiates in and through, above and below, and all
around me. This pure Love is the most precious of gifts, for as we receive it
freely, so too can we give it just as freely. I choose today to spread the Love to
every person whom I encounter, knowing that they, too, are God’s precious
creation. What a joy it is to awaken — fully — to this realization, and to know it in
the very depths of my being. The “I Am” that sustains me provides everything I
need in this human experience, and I simply breathe it in with total acceptance.
My heart is filled with gratitude as I affirm this Love for the world. And so it is.