Rev. Kamatara Johnson

I Am An Expression of the One

I Am an Expression of the One
by Rev. Kamatara Johnson

Rev. Kamatara Johnson

I recognize the presence of the One Loving Source, the Divine Vibration that courses throughout the Universe. God is All and All is of God. With Profound Creativity, God is Ever-Expressing and Expanding, unfolding in each time, place, and moment that we call life. And I am part of the sacred life, an expression of the One. I am aligned with the Divine that is the power and the presence within me. God’s life is my life now.

Firmly rooted in the Divine, I affirm that my sacred life is unfolding perfectly, gracefully, and effortlessly. In God, I have no fear, no worries, and no stress or struggle. I flow in the Spirit and allow life to go as it does. I love what is. I mindfully release attachment to outcomes and focus on living my Truth. As I maintain my integrity, my life progresses in Divine Right Order. Decisions come easily. Work is effortless. Self-care is natural. My relationships blossom. All is well in the arms of the Divine. I trust; I surrender; I allow.

With heartfelt gratitude, I thank the Loving Source for Its comfort and presence. I value the calm center of the Divine and appreciate that sweet spot in my life. I love the peace of mind and heart that comes from surrender, and I give thanks for the bounty that awaits me every day.

So, I release this prayer into the Creative Medium, knowing that the Divine has it handled. I need not know why or how. I just know that it is done unto me as I believe. So I let it go into the Law, releasing the power of this intention, knowing that it is already done. And so it is.