I Am in Alignment with Its Presence

I Am in Alignment with Its Presence
Teresa Greco, RScP

There is a Power in the Universe that is all Knowing. It is the Creator of all that exists. Abundance and Prosperity flows from this Presence to all who accept and embrace Its Goodness. It is Present in everyone and everything. It is a love that always was and always will be. I know this Energy as Absolute Love and Joy. It is the Good that permeates and exists for all humanity.

I accept my oneness with this Power knowing that I can never be separate from it. It is all there is and I am in alignment with Its Presence. All that I am and have exists because I exist with this Power. It is there for me and I am there for It. And because I know that this Divine Presence exists within me I accept all that is Good.

I affirm that this Presence is all there is. My life is a harmonious and peaceful. My spiritual bank account deposits all the Good and Joy possible and replenishes itself continuously. I know I am never without this Abundance and I share in the knowledge that I and all of humanity are blessed by this Power. I live a life of affirmation and love that I share with everyone. I am never without the divine knowledge that all is well, whole and complete.

There is a gratitude I share with all. This gratitude is built on the knowledge that Spirit is always there and always will be. My appreciation for all that I am constantly given knows no limits. I live a life of gratitude because my life is so full and blessed. The gratitude I share with Spirit is never ending and replenishes itself lovingly and joyously.

And now I release my word into the Law knowing that all has been manifested and cannot come back to me void. And, so it is!