I am Nourished by Life

I am Nourished by Life
Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group – RGCSL

I am greeted by brilliant yellow and orange skies, brightened by the light of the sun. The birds sing sweetly, if loudly, to awaken me from my night’s rest. A cool breeze blows in the window, readying the day for its daily cycle. I greet the day acknowledging my connection with Life, feeling and knowing that I am ever one with my source and my supply, and ever knowing that the influx of all that I need awaits me. I open my heart, my mind and my very being to my innate knowledge of the Oneness of all of Life, as my essence is flooded with everything needed for my day. I am ready. I am fed. I am nourished by Life.

I trust and know that everywhere I go this day, and with every encounter, Life reaches up to support me. The gentle touch of my spouse, a special email note from a friend, a helpful gesture from a colleague all are simple indications of the network of support that is my world. I look forward to all of the experiences of the day, perhaps lunch with a friend, giving service to my church, or my job, or my family and friends. The day is my own personal blank creative palate, awaiting both the broad strokes of tasks and responsibilities, and the subtle touches of appreciation for each and every simple moment to paint the perfect picture of my day. I accept with clarity that Life is always for me, regardless of appearances, even through any trials and tribulations. I surrender. I accept. I am supported by Life.

This day unfolds in an easy manner, time for quiet, time for reflection, time to soak in my awareness of the Oneness. Some days are just the opposite; filled with “to dos”, time constraints, and responsibilities. Both are perfect. Both encompass the entirety of my experience on this earthly plane. I rejoice in this revelation. Gratefully I accept the totality of life, loving my home, my family, my community, and my world. The feeling of loving acceptance swells up inside of my being for all of humanity. I look forward to silently acknowledging Spirit in each person I encounter, in each circumstance in which I participate, and in the quiet of my own mind as I pause frequently throughout my day to shout with joy – Life I love you! And Life responds. I am nourished, supported and loved by Life.