I Call Myself to Love

I Call Myself to Love
by Tilia Giron, Chaplain, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

I call myself to love.

I call myself to be the one who shows up and stands in the circle.

I call myself to be that which I choose to have in my life as coooolness,
as the very best friend that I could have,
as the kindest lover,
the most divine ally,
that which I know I am
in the center of my being,
my God being.

I am infinite
And unlimited.

I am open to all possibilities.
I am The very center.
I am That which is divine.
I am That which I am.
I am that I am.

I sparkle and
I shine in the infinite transcendency of my soul.
I continue Into the beyond.
And so it is.