I Choose Me

I Choose Me
by Tracy Brown RScP

(Submitted by Chris Duvall, reprinted with permission)

The One Source is creating and evolving in every moment. There is no stagnancy, only life and growth and transformation.

My life is growing and transforming because the qualities of the One are embedded in my mind, my body, my soul and my life.

I choose God and I choose me.

I no longer put everyone else’s comfort or needs before my own.

I listen to my body and make healthy food choices.

I notice when I am tired and I rest.

I devote time daily to commune with my Soul and I follow Its guidance.

I choose God and I choose me.

All those old stories that no longer serve me are retired.

I no longer argue for the false beliefs based in limitation and lack.

I see myself clearly and love the person I see.

It is time, now, for my best Self to shine!

I choose God and I choose me.

I am creatively exploring this human existence.

I am trusting myself to try new things and meet new people.

I seek Spirit’s Highest Vision for my life and

I refuse to hold myself back from my Good any longer!

I am grateful to remember the Universe is conspiring for my Good … and to know that requires my participation in the process.

So, I release this knowing into it’s Source and trust it to be fully nurtured and birthed. That is the way spiritual law works. For me, and for all of life.

And so it is.