Glenn Buckland RScP

I Experience My Goodness

I Experience My Goodness
Glenn Buckland, RScP

With this winter like weather in early Spring, I am reminded that Spirit is spontaneous and unpredictable. And in that midst, I find still, quiet comfort. Nothing is chaos that is not the perfectly orchestrated chaos of God. Everything fits like a puzzle piece into the fabric woven by Spirit called “life”

I am integral to the picture, bringing my own unique identity to the character of the artistry of my life. And just as it is for me, it is that for you too.

The million moving parts of life fill my day with curiosity, fulfillment, progression, evolution and a vibrating dynamic love. This day moves the clock of time forward as I love deeper, give heartier, listen to hear and grow from my experience. Nothing here is unnecessary and I take it all in as part of MY unique “life”. It’s all right. I experience my goodness, let loose my heart and embrace every person knowing that as I see God in them, God sees me back.

Thank you life for my life.

Knowing it is all just as it needs to be, I let it go.

And so it is.