I Express Success in My Life

I Express Success in My Life
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

Kathy Mathiason, RScP - Presence and Power of the Infinite Mind

“Successful people think about success.” Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

I know that God is all there is. It is that One Creative Principle which operates through the constant Law. The Creative Principle is success in action. It never wavers. It is unfailing, because it can never fail to respond to my beliefs.

I am one with the Creative Principle. God individualizes Itself as me. I know that Infinite Mind expresses uniquely through me as me. So, knowing that God is the nature of my being and ever present Success, I claim success is the nature of my life now.

I affirm and declare my life is a Divine Idea in the Mind of God. There can only be inspiration and creativity, for Spirit operates through me, as me. I know that my life is a channel for change and positive growth. With each new day, I express the life of God is success in all my affairs. Everything I do%. All that I undertake is successful.  All tasks I undertake are satisfying and rewarding to me. My relationships are loving and enjoyable. My body and mind radiate health and well-being. I know I am divinely guided and my spiritual consciousness filled with every idea and thought I need. I open myself to the intuitive inspirations of my soul for this is my connection to the Divine. I have nothing to fear and know that all I do is successful.

So it is with great, great gratitude that I give thanks for my oneness with Spirit. This constant, ever present Creative Principle guides me and loves me throughout my day.

I release my word into the law knowing that as I have spoken it is already done as I believe. And so it is.