I Make Divinely Inspired Choices

I Make Divinely Inspired Choices
Dianne Martin, RScP

Dianne Martin socialI recognize the one source, universal intelligence, wisdom, understanding and all which is or will ever be.
I am a manifestation of the one source. I am blessed with a spiritual intelligence far greater than my earthly intelligence. The universal intelligence guides me to a deeper knowing in every situation in life as I continue my life’s journey, growing in wisdom and understanding.

As I know this is true for me, I know it is true for every being on this beautiful planet Earth. Every person can access the divine intelligence which is imbued to them from the one divine source of all.

My spiritual intelligence reveals itself every second of every day. It reveals itself as intuition and I listen to my intuition knowing that it is God nudging me to learn and grow. It reveals itself as wisdom, the wisdom that comes from experiencing all the previous growth in my life. If I am challenged by a circumstance, I say, “THANK YOU, GOD” because I know I have been given an opportunity to evolve spiritually. I face doubt or uncertainty with patience and faith remembering that the gift of spiritual intelligence continues to grow within me. My faith and my spiritual intelligence are enriched through prayer. I am a spiritually intelligent being making divinely inspired choices.

I am grateful knowing that if I follow my intuition and if I have faith in God, every situation, whether perceived as good or bad, ultimately results in spiritual growth. My wisdom grows each day. Thank you God for this gift of spiritual intelligence. I am blessed beyond measure.

As I release these words, I recognize that my whole life has been one of spiritual growth and that growth continues as the one source provides me with all I need.

And, so it is.