I Rest in God

I Rest in God
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

The Divine Spirit in me is the Spirit of Oneness, the Spirit of Love. It exists
in me, in all. It unites us all in Oneness. It is the motivating power of the
Universe. It is Love. It knows only perfection. It is All good, All knowing, All
powerful. It is health, abundance, creativity, love laughter, joy.

I keep my vision on the possibilities of goodness and joy, and look to what I
want for the world, knowing it is so now – it is harmony, oneness, kindness,
sisterhood, brotherhood, beingness.

I breathe deeply, knowing I breathe in Spirit. I am grateful for all that is in
my life, all the good, the beauty, the love. I release and let go of fear and of
anything that is not of God.

I rest in the knowledge of all-is-well. And so it is. Amen.