I Welcome Patience and Tranquility

I Welcome Patience and Tranquility
Kamatara Johnson, RScP

As I center myself, I raise my awareness to recognize the Presence of the One Loving Source, the Sacred Vibration that expresses in all of life as we know it and even beyond our understanding. God in people, God in animals, God in nature, God in things, God in words, God in deeds, God in thoughts…Truly, God is all there is, in the here and now, past and present.

And so I am an expression of God, right here and right now, breathing, thinking, speaking, moving as the Divine on this plane of existence. I am one with the One.

Rooted in this connection with the Divine and this universe, I affirm for myself a sense of surrender and the sumptuous peace that follows. I put all my worries, complaints, preoccupations, and stress in one basket and give it all over to God. I release all feelings, thoughts, words, and actions that do not serve my best and highest good. I let go of all negativity and tension. I step fully into the light of the Divine and let it wash over me, flow through me, and hold me up to make it through the day with integrity. I welcome patience and tranquility as my day unfolds in Divine Right Order. I am fully supported as I walk in the love of the Divine.

I am so grateful to lay it all down and free-fall into the arms of the Divine. I appreciate the comfort and strength that comes from knowing that all is well. My soul is lighter and my view is greater. I am so blessed to begin again, refreshed and peaceful.

So, with great confidence in the Law, I release these words into the Law, knowing this prayer is already manifesting even as it is spoken. I surrender, I allow, and I accept. And so it is.