Imagine All The People

Imagine All The People
Dianne Martin, RScP

“Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” –John Lennon

Dianne Martin socialI know that John Lennon’s words are the words of God. God is peace. God is unconditional love. God is creation. God is life itself. God is all there is and ever will be.

I am one with the source of unconditional love and peace. As I know that is true for me, I know it is true for everyone.

I speak my word and declare that we live in world that is peaceful and accepting. No matter what race, religion, or gender identity, I see everyone as a member of the One family created by God. I accept each person as a manifestation of the One. I release any old messages from my parents, from teachers, from anyone who spoke poorly of any person knowing that they did not know better. I know better. I co-create life with God. All I do, say, and believe are part of my vision of peace throughout the world. I do my part in recognizing peace everywhere I go. I pray for peace. I live in harmony with everyone!

I see the changes in the world, in people, in the acceptance of everyone no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation and I say Thank You God. I am grateful for all my friends; a beautiful tapestry of the human race. I am grateful that I can make a difference in the world. I give thanks for the perfection of Spirit in my life.

I release these words of peace to the source of all and simply let go. I gratefully let this prayer of peace be fulfilled completely and perfectly.

And, so it is.