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This Sunday,  December 16th,  2012

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

“Principle and Practice”  

The first principle is that we are surrounded by Good and we can use it!  It is a premise upon which we can build our lives and a premise that gives us the power to believe in ourselves.  The ability to believe is the ability to know.  The ability to know is the ability to be confident.  We are pure and perfect love, and are loved purely and perfectly.  Join Rev. Martha as we declare our own confidence and find that pure and perfect love!

Music by Susan Clark

Music Director Susan Clark is joined by

Lewis Winn on guitar/bass guitar and Jay Blea on drums/percussion

The Daily Meditation 12.11.2012

Within The Hustle and Bustle of the Season There Is Calmness

By Lovater Harris Jones, RScP

Lovater Jones, RScP - Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

“The Spirit has no past. It has never been bound by any external condition. It always has been, and forever will remain, free and independent of conditions.”

Ernest S. Holmes

Knowing the above statement to be true, I evoke the Presence and Power of the One that lives within my very being.  This awareness allows me to speak my word with absolute confidence and assurance.  For this, I give thanks!

God is All there is; All life, All Peace, All Truth, All Substance, All knowing and All Form.  This Allness of God is Omnipresent, Divine Intelligence, Joy, Birthless, Deathless and Limitless.  Neither can It be depleted or exhausted.

Because of who I am, a creation of the Creator, all that God is in Macrocosm, I am in microcosm, for I am made in God’s likeness and image.  Just as this is true for me, it is true for the person reading this prayer, at this very moment in time.  The Life of God indwells All form, and that includes you and I and every other living thing on earth.

In realizing this Truth, I declare affirmatively that the Presence of God prevades all space and time.  It surrounds and presses Itself against all that lives, moves and has it’s being in this Presence.  If there is an appearance of chaos, know that it is nothing more than that, an appearance; for in the midst of chaos there is calmness; even in the midst of war there is peace, and what appears as joylessness, is filled to overflowing with joy.  This is so because God IS Peace, Calmness, and Joy and nothing that lives, can ever be separated from the Spirit of God; as God lives in, through, around and expresses in each person as the Living Spirit of God.  Any thought or idea that is counter to this Truth, cannot find safety in the consciousness of the one reading this prayer, therefore it simply return to the nothingness from whence it came, as it cannot finds refuge within the mind that stands in agreement with this Truth.  All thoughts contrary to this prayer or any, and all, false beliefs simply fall away, revealing only Truth.  As Truth is All there is!  PEACE, BE STILL!

I give thanks for the manifestation of this prayer and know that there are no delays whatsoever in bringing it to fuition.   I am so very grateful for the outpicturing of this heartfelt prayer and as my word has been directive and definitive, it has set the Law into motion.  The Law says YES, always!

I release this prayer to the Law of Mind in Action and know that there is nothing that can prevent or obstruct my word from manisfesting, as All the Power and All the Presence of God in my words assures it is so.  I declare it so.  I allow it to be.  



Lovater Harris Jones is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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