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LEARN to see God in all manifestation, in all people, through all events.”

“The ordinary person sees only the lump of matter. Not so with the awakened soul. He sees in all things the Divine Mind at work molding out into expression what it feels itself to be of life, of color, of form and beauty. There are some illusioned ones who claim that what we see is all false, and that the so-called material universe is an unreality. What a mistake! What we see is the body of God, full, free, complete, whole.

“A primrose by the river’s brim,
A yellow primrose was to him,
And it was nothing more.”

He never saw the idea behind — it was seen only as matter, matter, matter; yet what he could have seen was God’s thought of himself coming out into wonderful beauty, and color, and form; The Infinite One manifesting in an infinite variety of forms. What do you see when you look upon the human form, the crowning glory of God’s perfect creation? Matter, matter, matter? Flesh, blood and bones? Indeed, these may be passing into expression, but what of the idea, what of the reality of the body? This body of ours is as real as God is real. It would not be if it were an illusion. The very touch of the flesh should send a thrill through the whole body, bringing up its vibration to a higher pitch, to a finer form. The body is not one “mass of pollution,” it is the temple of the living God and should be so thought of. Too long have we condemned it, and now we must free it by reversing the process. Of all things on earth the human body is the most beautiful, the most wonderful and the most God-like.

“‘If you do not love your brother whom you have seen, how can you love God whom you have not seen?’ Human magnetism is not hypnotism, it is the divinity of man in expression; and when we learn to convert human passion into divine love, to transmute the lower into the higher, we shall have with us a power of attraction against which nothing can stand.”

“It operates simply by speaking.”
– Ernest Holmes

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