Let us pray

Let us pray
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP
Let us pray for the people of Ukraine as Russia on Putin’s long-expected orders continues his advance to “restore” the old USSR.

Let us pray for the safety, health and welfare of the people and the land and the animals of this country that simply wants to live its life within its own borders and its own centuries-old customs and culture.

Let us pray for the leaders of Ukraine, especially Zelensky and his team, as they huddle and plan to fight with their lives and their courage and their faith for their homeland.

Let us also pray for the Light within all the leadership in charge, including Putin, that the God Within be manifest and that love be born in all its ultimate magnificence.

Let us also pray for the leadership of our own beloved United States, including, and most especially, our esteemed President Joe Biden, that they be led in all their sanctions, decisions and actions by the light and wisdom within of the Divine Perfect Wisdom Itself in honoring this county’s commitment to its allies and to the pursuit of democracy and the freedom of states to pursue their own independent courses.
And let us pray also for the leadership of the NATO Alliance that they remain united in defense of and in honoring democratic ideals.

Let us continue to pray for the safety and well-being of all of the former Soviet states that they remain and/or become free of Russian interference and invasion and enjoy freedom and democracy.

And, finally, let us pray, as well, for the future of this planet that it continues to exist in general peace free of increased warfare and, especially, free of nuclear and cyber disaster.

May this country and Ukraine, in particular, continue to be safe and whole intact, savoring peace and love, safety, health and wellbeing in general overall ease every moment of every day. And so it is!!!