Life Continues

Life Continues
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

Light dawns over the mountains. Cool air begins to warm. Movement increases across the face of the land. Birds take to the air and liquid-dwellers respond to the ever so slight warming of the water. Daytime has come and Life continues its delicate dance in the ebb a flow of all that is.

This Life is the Life of all. It is the yearning of Spirit to reveal its own beauty and love. We are this revelation of Spirit. My life is the one Life even as is each a every piece of creation. There all that is is mine to explore, mine to express. That is why I know that all is perfect right here and now. Nothing can be out of place. I am the Life of Spirit; I am the Love of the Universe. I cannot escape the Love that engulfs me and IS me. As this is my truth it is the truth of all. We are all miraculous beings here to play in the profound beauty of Spirit.

Let’s Play! Let all that we think go. Know what we know that we know. Let Spirit run my Life!!

And so It is.