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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
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The insight for today:

“Evolution is an eternal unfoldment. Life reveals itself to whoever is receptive to it.”

“A motion picture would have been a miracle in medieval times, and no doubt the figures on the screen would have been regarded as either gods or devils. The birth of spiritual ideas into the human consciousness meets with three distinct reactions: the orthodox say that God never intended such things to be, else He would have revealed them through His prophets; the materialist laughs at them; the childlike are receptive.

Science, philosophy, intuition and revelation all must unite in an impersonal effort if Truth is to be gained and held.”Affirmation:
“No system of thought can stand which denies human experiences; no religion can be vital which separates humanity from Divinity; nor can any science long maintain its position which denies the spontaneous appearance of volition and will.”


“It operates simply by speaking.”
– Ernest Holmes

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