Light. Everywhere, Everything

Light. Everywhere, Everything
by Rev. Gil William Olmstead, Spiritual Director

Light. Everywhere, everything. Light. The visible color of the invisible energy, the invisible warmth. Light is our essence even as Light is a name for the One power back of all things. “The” Light is “our” Light. We are the Light!

Living from this Light we are constantly revealing health and wholeness. Whatever we can conceive we can receive. The possibilities are without limit. We are the glowing fire of Spirit cleansing and refreshing the Universe. I accept this and I walk in it each day knowing that being Light is who I am, and who You are, and who We are!

In gratitude I know this word to be true and I release any attachment to it allowing the perfection Spirit to emerge in, as, and through me in every moment.

And So It Is!