Love Is All There Is


The Daily Meditation 03.14.2013

Love Is All There Is

 Barbara Kraft, RScP

Barbara Kraft, RScP

I take a moment to survey my life and my thoughts….are there things that are stealing my joy and my energy….

I encapsulate them in a bubble, removing them from my heart and from my mind. Allowing them to float away from me.

Now I impress upon them this knowingness:
There is but one perfect presence in this life and that is Love. It is the source of all that is and all that is created. This universal thread that runs through all things, people and situations is the Source of all Energy which is the fuel by which we all exist. 

It is powerful and ever lasting for this energy cannot be lost it is simply transmuted.  As is often said, it is the change within the changeless and because this energy can and does change I change my focus from the disruptive nature of what is in my bubble to the Love that is contained in that same situation.
For the Love that exists is the creative nature of all, is in me and in all that is contained in my bubble. Anything unlike love is simply an outward appearance. I go about my day making decisions and thinking my thoughts based on Love and this knowingness that Love is all there is….and yes, the rest we make up.
I know that those people and situations that are surrounded by my bubble are filled with Love and Light and in doing this, their negative energy transmutes into positive energy. Thus the outcome is positive. I am able to go about my day knowing that all thoughts, actions and people in my life are drenched in love and that this golden thread is the fiber that everything is made of. There is no moment that is not surrounded by the love and the knowingness that all things resolve to the highest good. My faith tells me this and my knowingness of the Truth supports this belief.
I am grateful for my faith and the awareness that Love is all there is. And this love is what shores up my heart and my mind so that I go about my day filled with joy and comfort.

I am able to let the thoughts and fears dissipate so that all that remains is the pureness of Truth and a full heart.

So knowing that all is good, all is Love and all is divinely inspired, I release and let go. 

Barbara Kraft is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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