Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations
by Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group – RGCSL


udge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged. – (Matt. 7:1)

In this perfect now moment, I turn within to that power and presence that is my source and my supply. As I breathe in, I feel myself centering and grounding to all that is being expressed. I allow any and all thoughts to arise so I can look at them and determine if they are serving me well. Those that are bringing me a sense of peace and joy, I lovingly embrace. And those that lead me down the path of judgment and expectations, I examine to see what I may need to learn for my own further growth and expansion. And then I lovingly release them. For what I know to be true is that in this human experience we call life many things cross our path. And in our perfect unfoldment, all of them can lead us to a truer awareness of who and what we are. So I bless the lessons in the judgments and expectations, knowing that they have served their purpose, and I let them go. As I turn to acceptance of all people, all situations, and all circumstances, I am able to breathe a little easier, and to love a little deeper. I trust in my divine intuition and know that it speaks only Truth. I see my life now as blessed regardless of circumstances, accepting that all is perfect exactly how it shows up. With this comes freedom, and a sense of lightness of being, as I am at peace with myself, others, and the world. Life is so good, and I am so very blessed. And so it is