Mind Creates Prosperity in My Life

Mind Creates Prosperity in My Life
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

“Money is God and circulation. Money is life itself, flowing in flowing out. Money is good.” ~ Money Is God in Action, Raymond Charles Barker

The Intelligent, Creative Mind of God is everywhere present. It is the Energy that enlivens everything in the Universe. This Energy I call God is all-powerful, all-knowing and is constantly creating something from nothing. Its actions are Divine. God is money in action.

I am one with the Creative Principle and divinely intended to live abundantly. It is my birthright to live in the wealth provided for me by my Creator. God is Abundant and I am receptive to its abundance.
So I know Divine Mind creates good in my life with grace, ease and joy. I am not limited by any idea or belief of lack and limitation in my life. I know God is my source for all Good in my life. I am not limited to receive my good by my usual means of money or prosperity. I am open and receptive to always in which money or prosperity comes into my life. I bless all monies that come into my life and gratefully receive any amount as it comes into my life. I know how to use money wisely and effectively and efficiently. I use money without judging or criticizing, because I know and understand money is a gift from God.
I am so grateful and thankful God is the source of all good in my life. I bless and give thanks for the income that I receive from God.

I release my word into the Law. Knowing that as I have spoken my word it is already done, as I have asked it is given.

And so it is!