Mother Father God

Mother Father God
by Katy McCree, RScP

Mother Father God, the eternal presence expressing and creating into infinity. There is no place I can go, that God is not. All truth, love and being, first cause and original life. I think of that one power with its infinite expressions, and I know it is a profound intelligence.  

And this presence lives and breathes through me. Inspires, infuses and uplifts me into good and more good. My inner being is alive with this perfect power, and I am free of the bondages of limitation. There is only deep peace, boundless joy, love beyond understanding.

How sweet it is to realize Source is always there, closer than my breath; that it dwells in the invisible world beyond form and tangible things.  Looking inside, I feel that calm trust in its ability to respond, support and guide. I rejoice in this awareness because I know that trust is the bedrock of my spiritual life. And so I trust in the give-ness of God; Trust that it guides me in all my decisions; Trust that it sees me to and through all my human challenges; trust in the grace it bestows upon me always; Trust in its divine law that I use to create my life; trust in all its powers and abilities to help me transcend, grow, evolve and be more than I was the day before; Trust in its unfolding higher truth.

Knowing all this, I rest easy – all is well.  And I am so grateful. Grateful for the peace I am as I walk the earth plane.  Grateful for all the ways that spirit loves me.

And so I just let this go…  knowing that the universe has it covered.  And release these words into the action of the law.  And so it is.