My Divine Inheritance

The Daily Meditation 11.03.2012

My Divine Inheritance

By   Keith Auger

I know that there is but one power, one presence and one life, and I know that that power, that presence and that life are my power, my presence and my life, that I am a fragment of the Divine, a cell in the body of life, separate and yet intricately bound up in the whole, an inseparable part of the fabric of life. I and the Father are one, and all that the Father has is mine.  And as I know that this is true for me, I know that it is true for all living beings.

And so today, in this moment and in this place, I pause to reflect on the meaning of this amazing kinship with the Divine. I realize at the very cellular level of my being my oneness, and the oneness of all, with all that is. And stepping into the fullness of this great gift, my Divine Inheritance, I realize fully that I could not be here lest every single condition necessary to the fullest expression of who I am were not also present. There are no shackles, no impediments, no limitations on the expression of this Divine Kinship, other than the ones I have wittingly and unwittingly placed upon myself through having accepted false beliefs and the limiting traces of race consciousness. And so today, in this moment, I release, disavow and set aside all that stands in the way of fully accepting my amazing and Divine Identity and my indispensible and unique role in the unfoldment of this thing called life. I bravely and confidently step into the fullness of my true identity, knowing that I am fully supported and sustained by my Divine Kinship, that there are no limits to the realization of all that I am. Today I let God be God in me, knowing that I am most myself when I am most like my Father.

And so it is with complete confidence that I release into the law of manifestation this conviction of the truth of my Divine Nature, and the Divine Nature of all,  knowing that as I believe in my heart it is done unto me in my life. I give thanks for knowing this, the truth of the being of all. With unbounded gratitude I accept that it is already done, and I am grateful knowing that this is so.

And so it is.

Keith Auger is  a congregant and member of Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living

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