My Thoughts Creates My World

My Thought Creates My World
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

Kathy Mathiason, RScP - Presence and Power of the Infinite Mind

The Creative Mind of God is my mind, now. And I am so grateful that this is so.
When I consciously use the Creative Mind of God my thoughts bring forth what I desire and I am blessed. I have the ability to change everything and anything that I so choose in my life. What I can conceive, I receive.

So I know right ideas come to me to create my perfect health, wealth and relationships. I use the Creative Mind of God to change my consciousness from the negative to the positive to help me live life more fully. I know that when I think thoughts of love my relationships become more harmonious. When I give generously, I receive abundantly. As I envision my prosperity, it manifests an abundant ways and in turn I discover more enriching ways to share it further. My creative ideas bring forth success and satisfaction and everything I do, think and say. With the thought of love and peace my body responds in a healthy way. I am energized and experience a body that is physically fit and a vital organ to experience life. Creative Mind constantly guides me in all I do, say and think.

I am grateful Divine Mind flows through my mind and that I choose and create all which brings joy and happiness to my life.

And so it is