Myself as Love

Myself as Love
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

I know myself As love.

I know this to be so, for I am of Love.

I am made from love, how could I be otherwise?

Well, it is only that sometimes I do forget.

I get caught up in the busyness of the day and life.

And, yet, when I stop to remember, I know that

Spirit is always here for me.

Spirit is always here for you, for us all.

We are all made from Love.

This day I cast forth my word as the word of love.

I cast my eyesight forward to see with the eyes of love.

I pledge my speech to be speech of love, And

My actions to be those of love.

And as I do, with all of my senses and my intention Aligned with love, and I am of Love, then only love can be mine this day.

And, so, I rejoice.

For love is mine today!

And I shine in the midst of all this love.

And I send this love out to all those anywhere and Everywhere in the oneness, and in a cacophony of

Love that vibrates with a resounding note of joy and Harmony.

Peace be with us in our hearts and minds, and

May health be in our bodies and our spirits,

As we harmonize fully in this love and

Grow in love even more this day.

And so it is!