by Chaplain Tilia Giron Ph.D., RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

I stand here before You and with You, Within You and You within me. Oneness. Wow! Pantheism ? Is that what’s it’s called technically? It’s oneness to me. 

I am enveloped within That Which Is. 

I open to That Which Is letting go of shields of fear and open to a new me – a really more of the Divine Me. 

What I now know is that as the Universe is continually expanding, so am I. 

We will continue to evolve and expand beyond anything imaginable. As God is infinite, so are we.

Therefore, I, too, will continue to evolve and expand and let go of those smaller parts of me – seeing, accepting and blessing them first – grateful for the lessons, teachings and gifts they bring.

 I am so blessed – I know – because I’ve had so many lessons .. and gifts!!!. Grateful for all these, I  am grateful for the stillness and placidity (Sometimes J) of the now 

And look forward to and embrace joy, laughter, abundance, friendships, blessings and containers of love and belonging, growth and so much more. I am so blessed!!!

I rejoice in the magnificence of the prosperity with which I am gifted by Supreme Love and I let go into the Divine Oneness of All That Is. And so it is!