Open to Newness

Open to Newness
Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group – RGCSL

We know by intuition that there is something beyond what we have so far consciously experienced. – Ernest Holmes

Do you ever awaken and know exactly what your day will look like, and then have a strong urge to just change things up? Do you ever yearn to step into the unknown? Know with me:

Infinite Divine Life, creative Intelligence, right here and right now I connect with the Source of my being, that which knows all, sees all, feels all, and I allow myself to succumb to that creative impulse that is bubbling up inside. It calls me to seek new outlets for Its creativity, setting aside any fears or trepidations that tell me I am not good enough to try new avenues or venture down paths never travelled. As I breathe deeply, I feel Life calling me to explore the unknown parts of me. Perhaps art or music or writing. Maybe a new walkway or a park never visited. Who knows what awaits around the bend! I am open to newness in all ways in my life, not just in the experiential, but also in new ways of viewing life. Seeing with eyes wide open, I am able to shed old, worn out ways of thinking that may no longer serve me, and see the endless possibilities in front of me. Newness of mind, body, and spirit await my recognition of these refreshing and invigorating ideas. I see my body anew as healthy and fit, and capable of so much more that I may have given it credit for. My thoughts are clear and pure, as judgements and grievances simply melt away. My spirit soars with joy, as I see and experience the love and peace in everyone I meet, and in every new thing that enters my life. Thank you, dear Spirit, for opening my eyes to this precious life that surrounds and supports me in all ways. I am so grateful for this blessed life. And so it is. Amen.