Our Phenomenal Power to Manifest


Our Phenomenal Power to Manifest
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

God is Life, not some life but all Life,” by Ernest Holmes

God is All There Is, and as All There Is, God is Everything that exists and Everything that is coming into existence. God is me and God is you. God is the Manifest and the Unmanifest. And you and me are also the Manifest and the Unmanifest.

Our potential to create our lives in ways that we desire is enormous. I wonder sometimes if it is just so big and enormous that its bigness and enormity slip away from us because it can be hard to fathom our tremendous capacity to make manifest our lives in such almost boundless ways. We are incredibly powerful creators. I pause in the wonderment of the immense influence we have upon our inner and outer reality. I am in awe.

And to think that what it takes to start up our power engine, so to speak, is simply our awareness – thought fueled by feeling. Such almost unlimited power hinges on our inner knowingness – our consciousness – which can be elusive and fly away as one of those little birds outside my window that flits from tree to tree and hops from rooftop to hillside. While my mind may, similarly, momentarily whirl away to this thought or that concern, yet I know the truth of my being as being of God and rooted in the Divine as the Divine. And I absolutely know that I am loved so much by God that I – just exactly the way I am –  am given totally everything I could possibly need to create my life so that I am happy, loving, and peaceful and in every conceivable way divinely blessed. I know this for me and I know it for you. And anything that does not serve my life or yours as such automatically falls away.

So, in this instance, I boldly, unabashedly and firmly proclaim that you and I are unquestionably aware of our Divine Natures and the truth of who and what we really are – powerful-while-always-still growing-manifesting aspects of the Divine, incredibly loved by God. And, as such, I declare that this moment and this day, we – in our own individual ways – manifest our lives in alignment and resonance with our Divine Natures, inner hearts and mind consciousness. And so, our Life is manifest with radiance.  I claim that this radiance flows through me and you with a fullness so rich and a light so blessed and blessing that this day is one – but just one of many –  in which we marvel at the magnificence that we create for ourselves within our inner sacred spaces and beyond to our outer environs. You and I automatically recognize and reflect the God in me, you, us and the God in all as we continue to discover and delight in our abundant essence.

I know the Oneness of myself and all that which flows through and around my presence and environment as part of the same Oneness, for we are all connected and Whole within the Divine. In this Blessed Invisible Conscious Divine Connection, I give thanks. I give thanks for our Divine Natures, I give thanks for the Divine Presence and for all of Life manifest, manifesting and still unmanifest.

I now release my word, knowing it cannot come back to me void, And so it is!