Nancy Bowers, RScP

Perpetually Supported

Perpetually Supported
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

How good is to remember that I am perpetually supported by that One Being I call God.  It encompasses all there is.  There is nothing apart from It, for there is no separation.  It is the All: the Harmony, Divine Order, and the Intelligence that is All-Knowing.  Perfect Peace is omnipresent, for God is everywhere.  Out of Itself, It creates the Cosmos and all that is seen and unseen.  It is First Cause of all known and unknown. It is the heartbeat of Life.  It is Pure, Unadulterated Love.  It is the backbone of Being and I can rely on It.  I can rest in the knowingness of Its constant companionship. I can relax and trust Its Goodness.

How good it is to remember that I am one with the wholeness of all of it.  I swim in Its support.  I live in Its harmony, Its beauty, Its love and peacefulness.  I accept life with non-resistance, knowing that life is in perfect order.  I pause for a moment and breathe into the place where I remember how supported I am.  In remembering my Oneness with Divine Source, I recognize that that I am not always capable of seeing how the pieces fit.  Appearance may deceive, but the truth is that God is Love and that Love is the heartbeat of Life. Errors are opportunities for learning; even so-called mistakes are the foundation of God’s Goodness.  Yes, I pause and remember – God is my Source and His Goodness is reflected everywhere.   I remember for myself and I remember it for every person who finds this prayer.

Yes, it is good to remember that God loves us so completely that He would never leave us comfortless.  Spirit is pure support.  Its helpers are everywhere.  All roads lead back to the place where in the end, we remember that God is all there is and the rest we made up.  Even the tragedies breed love and so I surrender my heart to God.  I surrender to His wisdom.  I surrender to what is, knowing that when I am centered in the Divine, the inroads to peace have been plowed.  The light enters.  Peace returns. I bow to the Wisdom of the Father knowing that while I may not see how things are working out, they are.  I put aside my fears and allow God to comfort me.  Won’t you join me?  We’ll let God lead the way.  Let’s let Love win.

I am so grateful to remember God’s Love.  I am grateful to remember that I am constantly supported.  I am grateful to remember that all I need do is ask and the answer is given.  I am so grateful to surrender my heart to God wisdom, knowing that while I may not understand how the pieces fit that love is always all around me.  I open my heart to it and all myself to be soothed. I allow myself to appreciate the freedom found in knowing that I don’t need to understand, I only need to be willing to hear the Holy Spirit. I need only stay open to God’s comfort. How good it is to let go of my burdens.  How sweet it is to let go and let God.

And so I do.  I release my word into the Law for action knowing that it is done as I speak.   I am supported.  You are supported.  We are supported.  God is here.  And so it is. Amen.