Lovater Jones, RScP

Physician, Heal Thyself**

Physician, Heal Thyself**
by Lovater H. Jones, RScP

“There is a Healing Presence within you.  This Healing Presence you must recognize before It can operate for you, because like every other thing in nature It works according to exact and mechanical law.” ~Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind

There is a Healing Presence flowing through all Life.  It is Pure Consciousness.  It is Absolute Perfection.

I acknowledge and believe that this Healing Presence, flowing through me, is who and what I am – a Perfect, Whole, Living and breathing  Spiritual Being.

I recognize that this Presence can only do for me what It can do through me.  Therefore, I unrelentingly open myself to the action of this Healing Presence.  I believe in It.  I fully accept that It is healing, restoring and revitalizing my entire body and all of its organs to Perfect Wholeness.  There is no-thing in me that can deny this Truth.  I affirm that a consciousness of wholeness IS the Consciousness that heals.  My thoughts throughout the day are stayed on that which I desire to materialize in my life – Perfect Health!  I turn away from any thoughts which are contrary to this Truth.  I stand firm in my belief, that I am a Perfect expression of my Creator.

I give thanks for, and  acknowledge that All the Power there is in the Universe flows through the words that I have spoken, knowing that each word is a directive to the Law.  My words, therefore, have set the Law into motion.  The Law’s action is immediate.

In releasing this prayer to Law, I allow the Healing Presence of Spirit to do Its glorious work in me as me!  And so it is!

**St. Luke 4;23